The decagun! Your best friend...? This weapon will quickly become a favorite with players for both its versatility and damage factor. The drawbacks of this weapon are its quick rate of depletion,  and its devastating backfire at close range to non-opponents i.e. you (don't shoot this rapid-fire against a wall up close- if you want to live). The decagun is the varitable assult rifle of Omikron. As where the octogun is more like a stream or beam weapon (phasers on stun...) The decagun gives discreet small blasts like bullets out of an AK47- with lethal impact. One shot is enough to dispatch most opponents. So, this is not just your machine gun- but also your sniper rifle. This gun will dischage single rounds at a tap with great accuracy, and deliver a steady stream with held down fire. Great supressive weapon here, but often uses precious ammo with quick fire, making it an effective (with control) but costly street-sweeper. Use it wisely and it will never let you down..conservative use of the decagun can be crucial to vital missions.