The city of Omikron is divided into five main districts. These are Anekbah, QalisarJaunpur, Lahoreh and Nagataneh.

Free travel between these districts is forbidden due to overpopulation. Each district in Omikron must thus follow its own demographic laws in order to avoid over-population.

Only people with a pass can cross between districts. Passes are very rare and very difficult to get, however. It is exceptional for an Omikronian to ever see, in the course of his life, any district other than the district he was born in. The only district that people don't require a pass to visit is the Qalisar district, which appears to be no more than an annexe of Anekbah.


  • Districts are sometimes also referred to as Sectors or Zones, but this terminology is also used to describe certain areas within the districts themselves, so the term district is preferred when referring to them in the Database.