Central religious text of the Religion of the Green Book, the Green Book is a compendium of lesser books, including psalms and gospels. It contains, among other things, an account of the religion's creation myths and a history of its principle figures.


Psalm 4911 - The Book of AtenephEdit

In the beginning was the Void

Then the Dream floated over the Wave

From its coupling with the Shadows

The Supreme Being was born.

The Void created Desire

Its look gave birth to Infinity

Its breath gave birth to Time

From its seed Man was born.

Already tiring of his work

The Supreme Being lay down in Silence

Leaving a legacy of Doubt to his creation.

In vain the condemned Man seeks

Divine Sense and Reason

To fill up the Absence and finally find

A meaning for his existence

In the Deep Sleep of the Supreme Being

Sacred words escape from his lips

Nothing has meaning.[1]

Psalm 6254 - The Book of GanaaEdit

The Supreme Being abandoned

Man To Doubt and Fear

When he awakens

He will reestablish the True Order of the Universe

Then the reign of the Void shall return.[2]

Psalm 9613 - The Book of TamaelEdit

O Supreme Being Have pity on your children

Blind and deaf in your creation

Give us the strength

To reach the sublime instant

Where Dreams and Shadows blend

When we disappear into the Void[3]


The Gospel of YelaitEdit

Shaama the Last Prophet guided the five disciples through the wastelands of Abdelaman.

On the morning of the seventh day, when the burning suns had purified our hearts, Shaama brought us into the Prophet's Cave. Into the presence of the Sacred Rock. It floated in the air projecting flashes of bluish light on the stone walls.

The disciples fell to their knees before this wonder and tearfully thanked the Supreme Being. While we recited the psalms Shaama spoke to us and said:

"This is the sign granted by the Supreme Being so that all may see and believe".[4]

The Gospel of FayendaEdit

The revelation of the Sacred Rock purifies our hearts. It is the message addressed to us by the Supreme Being from his sleep to guide us toward appeasement of the soul.

The quest for pleasure is the divine pathway, for when the Void drinks our souls nothing will remain of us except a memory.

A thousand blessings on Shaama the prophet for passing on the sacred knowledge to us.[5]


Like the Bible, the Green Book is a collection of many smaller books. This mirrors the collection of the Biblical psalms (liturgical songs) in the Old Testament and gospels (lit. 'good news', applied to biographies of Jesus) in the New Testament.


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