The Inventory is one of the main uses of the SNEAK. Control of inventory is crucial to success in the game.

Throughout the game there will be objects that can be picked up. To pick up an item, stand near the object and press Action. Your character will pick it up and a short description will appear on the screen. If you want to keep the object (you think it might be useful later in the game) press Action again and it will be transferred to the SNEAK and will then appear in this Inventory section. If you want to drop it press Cancel.


  • Highlight the third icon down (brown) on the left using the arrow keys. The icon will flash and change the display on the SNEAK to a list of Inventory items.
  • Press the right arrow key once and this will highlight one of possibly three objects in your possession. These items are always with you and can be added to throughout the game


The Setek is the Omikron currency and you won’t survive long without money. If you find Seteks during the adventure they will be added here. When you spend money the total will be deducted from that shown here.


The rings held in the Inventory have two uses - most importantly a Ring enables you to Save a game at special saving points (see below Saving the Game). Rings can be found in various locations but there are a limited number in the game. A Ring can also be used as a means to Buy Advice.


The map is accessible when your character is out on the city streets. Select with the arrow keys and press Enter. You will see a map of the district.


The SNEAK holds objects in the inventory list in molecularly disassembled form. The SNEAK will only carry a limited number of objects (18) and must therefore be used in conjunction with the Multiplan Virtual Locker. Always check your inventory. If you do not have the right item in your possession in certain stages of the game, you will not succeed in your quest! 

The following options are available when selecting an object in the list:


Use it immediately (such as a key for an apartment). Press Action in the 3D world and it will be used.

Use OnEdit

Use it with something else. Select an object, press Action, select USE ON with the arrow keys, select another object and press Action again. If the combination is impossible you will be told.


Look at the object (you will usually see the object in rotating form or read any message or text on the object).

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