Itzam'a 420
Itzam'a 420

Name Itzam'a 420
Age 27
Sex M
Blood Type W9
Height 195 cm
Weight 96 kg
Eyes Green
Job Taar Monk
Signs : The Ultimate Warrior, with an absolute knowledge of Taar combat. Body modified by oxy-organic circuits. Oxylic bone structure. Metal mask grafted on face. His disconnected nerves make him insensitive to pain.
Interests : Likes prayer, fasting, silence, honor, combat training, blood. Hates weakness and pity.
Energy 100 / 200
Attack 80 / 200
Fight Experience Master of the Inner Voice
Body Resistance 70 / 200
Speed 60 / 200
Dodge 70 / 200
Mana 70 / 200
Reincarnation 60 / 200

SNEAK inventoryEdit




  • 46, Temple Square


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