Access to: Anekbah, Jahangir, Lahoreh
Jaunpur is a residential area that houses the "middle-class" in a labyrinth of tiny streets surrounding the Yeshu Temple. Most buildings have no symmetry and they often take on bizarre shapes. The entire zone is built over ancient catacombs, and death, black magic and tenebrous powers are always lying just beneath the surface.

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Jaunpur is the third of the five districts in Omikron, and the second the player is allowed access to.  It is a district of narrow alleys and winding laneways, and its dusty aesthetic of boxy, white-washed building appears to be influenced by North African and Middle Eastern cities. Access to the district is limited to pass-holders by virtue of law no. 86641a passed by the Chamber of Laws, 11 Nevod 7034. Mecaguards have been ordered to shoot at any intruders.

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Jaunpur appears to be named after the city of the same name which is the capital of Jaunpur district. Like several other names in The Nomad Soul, it is important in the history of the Mughals.