Kuma'r 825

Name Kuma'r 825
Age 28
Sex M
Blood Type K-
Height 178 cm
Weight 76 kg
Eyes Green
Job Adventurer
Signs : Has sworn to avenge the death of his brother, killed by Tetra militia. Nearly lost his life when a Mecadog devoured his right leg. No known place of residence.
Interests : Like justice, honor, vengeance. Hates the Tetra, militia, fear.
Energy 100 / 200
Attack 50 / 200
Fight Experience Novice
Body Resistance 40 / 200
Speed 60 / 200
Dodge 70 / 200
Mana 60 / 200
Reincarnation 30 / 200

SNEAK inventoryEdit


  • If you do not escape when you blow up the bridge you will automatically reincarnate as Kuma'r. After that mission he can be found in the armory near Jaunpur temple.



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