Matanboukous, the renegade-sorceror was a Masa'u-era master of the Art. When all sorcerors came together with Kushulainn to defeat Astaroth, the souls of all save Matanboukous were imprisoned in the sword Barkaya'l until the demon's death. Fearful of the fate of his infant daughter Soyinka in his absence, Matanboukous forsook his honour to save her, and declined to join them.

In his self-imposed exile and as the last free soceror, Matanboukous sought to preserve knowledge of the Art by recording all the spells he knew in the Book of Nout. It appears he also took apprentices in this time, probably including his daughter and perhaps his assistant Assam.[1] Knowledge of the Art has persisted to this day, albeit only amongst a few. Shortly after he completed composition of the Book, Matanboukous disappeared, presumed dead by most.

His main legacy is as a renegade, the only sorceror who did not commit to defeating Astaroth. Soyinka seeks to restore his reputation. Meanwhile, a mysterious old man assists the Nomad Soul by offering use of Rings of the Art.


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