Maxx was a real-world hacker, who appeared on the tie-in website Quantic Dream produced to promote Nomad Soul, Ix Database. The concept was that there was a connection between our world and Phaënon, hidden deep within the internet. Maxx had found a well-protected database at "666.ix.666", and provided a portal to the Information there.


My name is Maxx. Or so it is in the Hackers' world, as Maxx is my nickname. Like my esteemed colleagues, I've spent some time rummaging on the net, cracking serial codes or software, making my own viruses or hacking sites of all kinds.

It was three months ago, I was battling hard to crack a new site I had noticed because of its name: 666.ix.666. I had no idea what was behind this site, but somehow, I had the feeling that it could be something big. The fire wall did its best, but even its best was not enough for me... Then I find another fire wall, and a third one. I went to an awful lot of trouble to break this crap... But I'm just like any Hacker, the more it resists, the better... When I finally managed to break the last lock, I discovered what was behind this mysterious address...

To be frank, I haven't understood yet where I've landed. But I'm really determined to clear the matter up. I think its' a sort of huge database about a world called "Omikron". There are huge texts, shots, sounds, gigs of data scattered on this server. I'm trying to learn more, but fire walls and security software protect everything. I don't know why they've tried so hard to protect their site. And as I discover more and more data, I can't get a better idea of what it's all about... That's why I've decided to remove my usual warez links from this site, and to dedicate these pages to my exploration.

As soon as I break into new data on 666.ix.666, I will bring it back to my hard drive and keep this site updated. Please, if you have any clue about what's going on in that database, email me!

This time, I'm onto the big one. I can feel it.


  1. Ix Database on the Wayback Machine