A month is a unit of time that lasts 41 days.

List of monthsEdit

Chronology Alphabetic
1 Aged
2 Nadim
3 Andar
4 Xenep
5 Nevod
6 Ganevat
7 Osmydep
8 Qomivo
9 Taznevet
10 Ustanevat
11 Nivat
12 Mozkanep
13 Primevat

Other monthsEdit

These months are mentioned in various documents, but do not appear in the in-game cycle.

  • Faswat (Dossier No. 9781 & Dossier No. 98011)
  • Liotoo (Dossier No. 98225)
  • Melked (Jenna 712 Detention Dossier)
  • Qared - lasts up to 42 days (Meshkan's Journal, Morgue Arrival Dates, Dossier No. 94732)
  • Yivat (Dossier No. 982710)
  • Yumtaz - lasts up to 52 days (Morgue Arrival Date)

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