Omikron News
11 Nadim 7216

Reduced Sleeping Time

Today Ix announced that he may very soon order a reduction of ten minutes in legal sleeping time. According to his calculations this would boost productivity in certain sectors by 1. 2% and increase the AHR (Average Happiness Rate) by 0. 8%.

Rising Happiness Rate

Ix announced in his weekly bulletin that according to his calculations the average happiness of each inhabitant is higher than for the same period last cycle. This increase is due to quality scheduling and greater thought control.

Warriors lose to Mecas 38 to 71

The Warriors suffered a severe defeat yesterday in Reshev Stadium in the final of the SuperGlass. Trainer Toz Yal's team was completely incapable of responding to the power of the Mecas. The trainer was imprisoned after the match pending a decision by the managers on the level of his responsibility in this defeat.

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