Sliders are individual transportation vehicles on Omikron that will, when summoned, pick you up when you are outside and take you to a pre-designated address. They use anti-gravity force discovered by Sparks the scientist. When you don't need them any more, they continue to circulate around the city until someone calls them.

Calling the SliderEdit

  • Highlight the second icon on your SNEAK. This will flash and change the SNEAK Mode to Calling the Slider.
  • Press the right arrow key to highlight the ‘Calling the Slider’ options.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys to select a location you want to be taken to (e.g. Kay'l's Apartment) and press Action. If you are not in a suitable location to be picked up by the Slider you will be given a message to that effect.

If you are by a roadside, your screen view will change to a chase view of the Slider and you will follow it as it makes its way towards you. When it arrives, get close to the door (located near its middle) and press Action. The Slider door will open and you will get in. Be careful standing in the road - you might get run over by the traffic! The Slider will drive you to your destination and deposit you as near as possible to the building entrance.

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