Syao 471

Name Syao 471
Age 24
Sex F
Blood Type K-
Height 172 cm
Weight 58 kg
Eyes Blue
Job Thief
Signs : Tattoo on left eye. Agile, fast, discreet. Wanted by all the police in Omikron.
Interests : Likes Biocats, detective novels.
Energy 100 / 200
Attack 40 / 200
Fight Experience Novice
Body Resistance 20 / 200
Speed 80 / 200
Dodge 70 / 200
Mana 70 / 200
Reincarnation 35 / 200

SNEAK inventoryEdit


  • If you are defeated by the demon on the roof of Kay'l's apartment building, you will automatically reincarnate into Syao. Otherwise, she can be found in the foyer of an apartment block near the Jaunpur temple.



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