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Concert song by The Dreamers: "Survive" in Qalisar/entrance in Anekbah

The Dreamers is a musical band in the game that performs secret Concerts, in defiance of government restrictions, in bars around Omikron City, starting at Harvey's Bar. The leader of the group is a freedom fighter, played by David Bowie. Full vocal versions of the eight songs by David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels are heard only at their concerts. Instrumental versions of those songs from the Original Sound Track are heard as background music, along with other tracks, designed as ambient music, by Reeves Gabrels alone.

The government has an official index of Subversion to avert the citizens from what it sees as Thoughtcrime by artists. The Harvey's Bar poster advertising the band is compelled to list the Dreamers' disruptiveness rating as assessed by the Ministry -Against- For Art: "Deviance Class 3".

The Dreamers are: Bowie, Reeves Gabrels and Gail Ann Dorsey. Bowie also plays Boz, and his wife Iman plays the Incarnable, Iman 631, who introduces Virtual Reincarnation.

Bowie and Gabrel wrote eight songs and eight instrumental versions for the game. Gabrels, alone, wrote the bulk of the songs, 26 in all. "Transcans" of all The Dreamers' songs can be purchased individually from Fu'an to listen to in Incarnates' apartments.[1]

Bowie spent a month in Paris and was filmed by Quantic Dream in a motion capture studio. When Campbell wanted Bowie's signature moves, Bowie thought he didn't really have any and let them capture his choreographer Edouard Locke performing some 'Bowie routines'. Reeves Gabrels was also filmed in the motion capture studio, but Dorsey's likeness was animated by hand.[2]

'"New Angels of Promise" plays when you see the city Omikron for the first time at the start of the game.'[3]

"We All Go Through" is the ending song[4]


Main article: Original Sound Track
  1. "Thursday's Child"
  2. "Something in the Air"
  3. "Survive"
  4. "Seven"
  5. "We All Go Through"
  6. "The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell"
  7. "Omikron (New Angels of Promise)"
  8. "The Dreamers"

Concert Edit

  • Harvey's Bar : "Survive"
  • Jaunpur : At the "roof access" Slider destination for the second Awakened Base mission is a bar with a Secret Concert flyer. From the plume of black smoke jetting straight up, head toward the square column with the cross-shaped section on top. In that same direction a short ways is a dish antenna. On the same walkway as the dish antenna is a blue-green door to the concert. "Something In The Air", or it may be random.[5]
  • Lahoreh - Flyer in base, concert entrance West-Southwest edge of the map. "The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell".

Different players may get different songs for Jaunpur. One player seems to have gotten "We All Go Through" for Jaunpur.[5] Others got "Something In The Air" for Jaunpur. Everyone seems to get "Survive" in Anekbah / Qalisar and "The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell" for Lahoreh.

Therefore, it may be random, and if the randomness is generated close enough to the time of the concert, the RNG could perhaps be manipulated to show all of the concerts.

The performances are coded beforehand, with the Nomad Soul rendered in on the fly. They cannot move during the performance and therefore cannot rush the stage. In the first two, they cannot even approach closely after, but in Lahoreh, they can swim in the pool surrounding the stage and pull themselves up onto it. Your results may vary, but this is one of the closer approaches to Uncanny Valley


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